Revitalice Ice Barrel Pro 110cm*90cm 480l

The Revitalice Ice Barrel Pro

The Revitalice Ice Bath Pro , is the next level on ice therapy with a more robust and hardwearing material and larger size.

The Revitalice Ice Bath Pro is also fitted with water in and water outlets as this model can be used as a standalone plus could be used along side the Revitalice Arctic Chiller.

The Ice Bath model is larger than standard ice baths at 150cm Length x 65cm with 3 more larger sizes available to cater for individual or team specification.

A Revitalice Ice Bath Pro delivers cold water therapy benefits for many individuals & sports teams

The Revitalice Ice Bath Pro benefits include:

1, Eases sore and aching muscles
2. Helps your central nervous system
3. Limits the inflammatory response
4. Decreases the effect of heat and humidity
5. Trains your vagus nerve
6, Improves focus
7, Improves positive thinking / reduces depression
8, Improves sharpness

Improves dopamines which is a molecule inside the brain linked to motivation.


Height: 110cm
Width: 90cm
Capacity: 480L

What’s Included:

❄️ 1 x Revitalice Ice Barrel Pro
❄️ 1 x Protective Lid
❄️ 1 x Protective Outer Cover
❄️ 1 x Protective Ground Sheet
❄️ 1 x Foot Pump
❄️ 1 x Drain Hose
❄️ 1 x Thermometer
❄️ 1 x Repair Patches
❄️ 1 x Carry Rucksack Bag


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