AquaFinesse Dead Sea Experience

AquaFinesse, the Dead Sea Experience
The Dead Sea contains a special mixture of salts and minerals that is known for its therapeutic effects. For thousands of years, people have been using the Dead Sea water to treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, but also to detoxify, improve their appearance and pamper themselves.

The unique power of the thermal salt springs of the Dead Sea comes from the salt and mineral content. AquaFinesse offers the perfect combination to discover the famous features of the Dead Sea in your own spa. The advantages of the patented AquaFinesse technology together with the therapeutic effects of the Dead Sea, in one kit.

What makes us so unique
Slippery walls in the hot tub are something that everyone recognises. It feels like there is a layer of slime on the walls. This slime layer is called a biofilm. It is where many bacteria nest. Traditional products such as chlorine, for example, hardly get through this layer (biofilm), which means that a very large amount is required to reach the bacteria. As a result, a very high dose of disinfection ends up in the water. This causes negative side effects for your skin, eyes and breathing. And nobody wants that. Our unique and patented AquaFinesse formula is able to soak this biofilm layer away from the walls and break it open. This prevents the bacteria from hiding. Now all you need is a little disinfection.

With just one dose per week, AquaFinesse ensures clean, silky soft and crystal-clear water. In addition, the AquaFinesse formula ensures that your hot tub components last longer because it avoids the accumulation of limescale in your hot tub / spa!


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